Green Design

Green Design

You will seriously enjoy water with the Well Jug, the eye-catching jug from Well Water. The Well Jug has been the result of our passion for water and commitment to the environment. The entire process perfectly underlines our philosophy: green from design to production. Now that’s what we call serving sustainable water.

Well makes being green easy

Well confirms that sustainable production does not have to be a complicated process. The Well Jug comes with a removable handle. The jug is made from renewable materials (plants), which means fewer fossil fuels and reduced CO2 emissions. The handle is made of solid bamboo, the fastest growing grass in the world. Naturally green…

Dutch Design as its best

The Well Jug is a Dutch Design in all respects. It is uncomplicated, innovative and aesthetic with a unique touch. The design is ultralight and requires minimal transport and storage space. The Well Jug is safe, easy and stackable, but more importantly, it is truly an eye-catcher.

Made of:

60% Ingeo™ natural plastic (jug)

40% Bamboo (handle)

100% Green and Natural

100% Dutch Design