Blue thoughts

Blue Thoughts

The Well Jug was designed by Well Water Nederland B.V. Since 2003 Well Water has been supplying bottled water with a social concept Water for Water: 25% of Well Water’s gross income is dedicated to people elsewhere in this world who never take clean drinking water for granted. This means you quench your thirst and help other people quench theirs too.


Our creed Water for Water is also true of the Well Jug: buying a Well Jug means you are providing people in the poorest regions of Africa and Asia with some 1,000 litres of clean drinking water. A small gesture can make the difference: a fresh and transparent idea.


“Pay positive attention to water and beautiful crystals will emerge”… We have put much love and passion into the Well Jug. This you can tell by the unique Green Design, but also by the way the jug was manufactured and by how we spend income. After all, water is the source of existence. We invite you to taste it.